R14D15 – Held Back / Frustrated

MaroneyMemeTopI have a lot to be frustrated about at the moment.

However, I can’t let it distract me from my goals of constant improvement. I can only learn from my mistakes, and be happy that at least it’s not a repetition of a past error.

On the physical side of things I am frustrated also by my calf taking so long to heal. After coaching on Wednesday it was very sore, worse that when I did it but by Friday morning it felt almost better. It’s seemingly toying with my emotional stability but I won’t be rushed into working it since last time I did that it was 10 days after the injury and I re-injured it again. So I have been very careful, my cleaning has been restricted to shoulder pulls and leg drive but no toes finish which is difficult. The deadlifts seem to be OK, and of course I can still do pullups and bench with no problem. It’s just walking that hurts. I have tried a bit of everything, wrapping it at gym seemed to help and heat pad at home is a constant. It’s a real pain of an injury though and even though I don’t do a lot of cardio, I was supposed to be getting back into it especially since I am participating in the weight loss competition at work. I am however increasing my pullups, the 12 lbs I have lost already is a big bonus in that department and I am back to being able to do at least some sets of 10 now. My most recent pullups workout was with deadlifts and I broke it out like this (DL then PU).

3-3-5-10-7-10-10-10-7-5-5-5-7-5-3-5  = 100 reps of each

I had done the same thing a few days earlier at 135lbs for Power cleans and pullups which was also a great workout. My latest bench workout was with 135lbs also and was 15 reps with 10 reps of close grip right after for 10 rounds. That is a total of 250 reps. You may be wondering why the weights are so low, well, I spent a lot of the summer building up my strength and size from when I was off with my surgery and although it’s a long time ago now, the effects had lingered. Once my strength was back where I wanted it I realized that I had gained a not insignificant amount of weight. That weight needs to come off and so I am working the muscle I have to keep it active while trying to increase my cardiac output and lengthen my workouts a little. That is how you burn fat not muscle, too much stress on the muscles and the body will start to break down the fibre for fuel. It’s probably going to take until Christmas but I need to get back under 240 and then set my sights on 230 again. Just to finish the workouts recently I also did a Deadlift and Power cleans. If you haven’t noticed, my front squat work hasn’t yet made me able to do squat cleans…

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