Sore Doesn’t Cover It

paleo-mince-pies-600x450-88639Paleo mince pies will make it all better…

I am not sure why but since last week I have had extreme soreness in my lower back. It may have been from the hip stretching I did  due to the walking I did last weekend but whatever it is I am in agony. It does get better with time but it’s agony whenever I haven’t moved for a while.

Wed – off
Thurs – off
Fri – Mini basement bootcamp – half of our old regular bootcamp full body
Sat – I think this was double under practice day which doesn’t sound like much but it was 25 minutes of non stop jump rope and pain as i whipped my toes with the heavy plastic rope. I had to work the time change from midnight an dit lasted until 5am then most of the day troubleshooting problems so…
Sunday – off
Monday – conditioning with the kids 55 reps of military, vsnaps, pushups and squats. It was supposed to be century club but I miscalculated and we only did 1-10 which is 55 not 1-10-1 which is 100.
Tuesday – 95lb bar (since my soreness is still fresh in my mind):

5×5 deadlift
5×5 deadlift with hang clean
5×5 power clean
5×5 deadlift with power clean

Wednesday – Today, I think I will do bootcamp at gym again. Either that or a short KB workout before gym if I have time.

I won the Biggest Loser for the month at work, but only 2.5% loss for the month which is way behind the curve. I should be at 5% per month. Weight still 256 but falling slowly.

My challenges?

Currently my exercise volume is low and my intensity is lacking, mostly because I seem to be nursing a lot of soreness and niggling shoulder and knee pain. I will be trying this week to address the volume part, the intensity may have to wait.

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