Sore Doesn’t Cover It

paleo-mince-pies-600x450-88639Paleo mince pies will make it all better…

I am not sure why but since last week I have had extreme soreness in my lower back. It may have been from the hip stretching I did  due to the walking I did last weekend but whatever it is I am in agony. It does get better with time but it’s agony whenever I haven’t moved for a while.

Wed – off
Thurs – off
Fri – Mini basement bootcamp – half of our old regular bootcamp full body
Sat – I think this was double under practice day which doesn’t sound like much but it was 25 minutes of non stop jump rope and pain as i whipped my toes with the heavy plastic rope. I had to work the time change from midnight an dit lasted until 5am then most of the day troubleshooting problems so…
Sunday – off
Monday – conditioning with the kids 55 reps of military, vsnaps, pushups and squats. It was supposed to be century club but I miscalculated and we only did 1-10 which is 55 not 1-10-1 which is 100.
Tuesday – 95lb bar (since my soreness is still fresh in my mind):

5×5 deadlift
5×5 deadlift with hang clean
5×5 power clean
5×5 deadlift with power clean

Wednesday – Today, I think I will do bootcamp at gym again. Either that or a short KB workout before gym if I have time.

I won the Biggest Loser for the month at work, but only 2.5% loss for the month which is way behind the curve. I should be at 5% per month. Weight still 256 but falling slowly.

My challenges?

Currently my exercise volume is low and my intensity is lacking, mostly because I seem to be nursing a lot of soreness and niggling shoulder and knee pain. I will be trying this week to address the volume part, the intensity may have to wait.

Biggest Loser. Bitter Taste Of Unnecessary Victory.

It’s great to see people lose weight. It’s great to see the success, the happiness and the emotional roller coaster. But it is sad to know millions of people let themselves get that way in the first place. If you don’t think it can happen to you, you need to check yourself. If you realize it could happen to you and you are working to make sure it doesn’t, then you are the real hero. It’s all well and good to see these people telling stories about how they can be there for their families, how they will be able to play with their kids now or how they will be there for their spouse. What about the last few years? Where was that commitment? Are we all really so closed minded that we can’t see the issues as they are arising? What person gets to 200, 300 or 400 lbs and doesn’t think about their family? What person can’t fit into their car but doesn’t think that might be a problem? It’s great that less than 1000th of 1% of the people are getting help. How about the next million who are right now stuffing their faces with crap, sitting in front of the TV doing nothing while their kids are out shoplifting because Daddy didn’t play with me or Mommy didn’t love me enough. It’s going to take more than a TV show, it is going to take a societal change in the way we treat our responsibilities.

Your life isn’t about you. It’s about how you respond to your responsibilities to others. It may be your spouse, your kids or your friends but there are people who depend on you, maybe not financially, but they need you there. Think about them next time you finish off half a pizza in one sitting, or a dozen cookies, or half a box of donuts. You may like to watch the Biggest Loser, you may even be motivated by it and that is great. But ask yourself for a second, how did I get to the point where I need a TV show to tell me that my child needs my attention. Why is Gillian or Bob telling me that I need to be healthy so my spouse isn’t left a widow at age 38? Once you figure that out, pass it on.

If I am ever in doubt as to why I work out the way I do or eat the crazy things I do and constantly search for the latest information on health and fitness, I just look at these pictures. It’s just that simple.

Elyse crawl NWedding

R5D31 – Medium Day, Coaching and The Biggest Loser

Today was tough, probably because I was supposed to have a day between the two RKC days and I was still a little sore after the snatches yesterday. This is what happened:

C&P left 1
C&P right 1
Pull Up 5
C&P left 2
C&P right 2
Pull Up 5
C&P left 3
C&P right 3
Pull Up 5
Rest 1-2 min repeat another 2x for a total of 3 ladders.

Again I chose to do 5 pullups each time for a total of 45 pullups.

Second part was a little easier, the dice roll came up 6 so for 6 minutes I did this:

45lb KB Swings, 25 reps
Rest 10 seconds, repeat. Ten seconds is not enough rest time, my bpm went up and kept rising with every set. Thankfully it was only 6 minutes.


It was a tough but fairly short workout, and I needed to finish quick to get to coaching. On the coaching front, I have finally been transitioned into the full time coach for the competitive girls. This is awesome news and once again I will be back doing what I really love to do. There are going to be plenty of challenges with the group not least of all will be returning to my old club for one of the competitions. However, I am totally up for it and am so excited to be back coaching competitive gymnastics again!

The other health and fitness news is that tomorrow we start the Biggest Loser again at my workplace. This will be the 6th time I have run the contest for our department and so far with 7 of us participating there is $350 up for grabs. The contest is 3 months, based on percentage weight lost and includes monthly prizes and a grand prize. It has been well received in the past and this time, although attendance is down a little, I hope to see some healthy weight loss for everyone involved. I am participating, I hope to see my weight down around the 240 mark or less, seeing 230 something on the scale would be pretty amazing to be honest. With the Paleo diet, I need to learn how to manage what I eat to control my lean levels so that I can accurately control what my body is doing. For so many years eating grains it was a crapshoot, not necessarily knowing what was going to work or not work with my weight. Now with the Paleo diet, those peaks and valleys are gone, my temperament, cravings, hunger are all completely under control and so now I need to learn how to manage my weight with predictability within the new lifestyle. It’s tough having to relearn everything, but then again, at least now I know I am operating within nutritional truth.

Day 66 – Biggest Loser Finale Day

Back and Biceps

scaleI am responsible for running a program at my workplace for people interesting in losing weight. Although it is called the Biggest Loser the similarity ends there. There is no set workout schedule, no training only weekly information and motivation from me and the accountability of the weigh in. This is the 3rd installment of the program and to date our participants have lost a total of 153lbs!

The purpose of my doing the P90X program was not primarily weight loss. I stated from the start that I took up this program as a challenge both to see if I could do it, but also to confirm to myself that regardless of how I may feel every day from a pain perspective, that my body is still capable of amazing things even after my (now long past) back surgery. I remember talking to a guy at a gym I used to go to who had a similar scar on his back (this was only months after my operation) and he was 8 years on. He was playing squash every day and told me that he was doing the things that he did before his back started giving him problems. I aspired to that, but at the same time I was concerned that it may take the 8 years to get back to “normal”. Well, it is now 8 years down the road and I suppose a few months ago I would have complained that I was not capable of things I would have done before my back problems. However, today I would be proud to say that I can do things that I would probably not have attempted back then, even though I would have been 8 years younger!!

So Bob was the biggest loser, he swept the last month and the final grand prize. I think the program has proven it’s value, not only to the winners, but also to the participants who have an accountability system in place which is helping them control their weight. It amazes me that even though we work in a Health Care institution, we have practically zero fitness programs or facilities at work. In doing the nutrition course I am finding that the vast majority of the health problems people have are caused by, not only aggravated by, diet and lack of exercise. I was floored to find out that 77% of cancer related illness is CAUSED by diet. Isn’t it common sense then that we should be working harder on prevention than on curing? Can you imagine the effect on the economy if even 25% of hospital visits, prescription charges, doctors fees and so on were cut by people being healthier? If nothing else, imagine the effect on your income tax rate!! Canada in 2008 was projected to spend around $180 Billion  on healthcare. Even if we could cut those costs by a mere 10% we could (apparently) eradicate homelessness (cost:$3.5B) (ref: ) we could ALSO provide day care and early childhood education from age 2 to JK completely free for every Canadian family which (although figures are up for debate) would cost somewhere in the region of $10B. That would still leave $4.5B for infrastructure repairs, increases in salaries for teachers and the police and to employ enough judges, court staff and jail space to ensure than anyone caught using a gun in Canada or selling drugs to kids is jailed for the remainder of their natural lives.

But I digress…