Roasted Sausage And Onion Bake With Mushrooms

sausagebakeI don’t think I am a chef by any standard but my mother taught me from a very young age that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and if you have an idea, that’s all you really need. That is why I end up eating things like this.

Costco Italian Sausage – 5 hot 5 mild
6 large white onions
2 med cans of tomato sauce – plain, everything else has sugar in it
1 box of Campbells (or whoever you like)  “stock first” stock – whatever flavour you have handy
Italian seasoning, kosher salt, black pepper, minced garlic

Brown the sausage, chop the onions and throw everything in a baking pot (a deep pan specifically for stewing or roasting)

Bake at 350 for up t0 2 hours depending on how long your onions take to cook. Slice them thinner if you want them to cook faster. First hour you can leave it covered to make sure the liquid cooks the veg, after that open it up to thicken the sauce.

About 30 minutes from the end, throw in some sliced mushrooms and you have an amazing low sodium, zero sugar high protein dinner.

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