Expanding and Increasing

350-780888-894__1I thought it was time to increase the weights and add a little variety. I am not bored, but I am definitely knee deep in a rut of Olympic lifts. I really need to start doing bootcamp workouts with the kids to get us all back into the habit.

Thursday – Off. Swimming seems to put paid to my workout efforts on Thursdays, it’s just at a really awkward time for me.
Friday – Pre-Coaching:
5×5 deadlift @95
5×5 Clean @95
5×5 deadlift @135
3×5 deadlift @185

Saturday – Painful back so rested.
Sunday – working but I will try to get the Kettlebell workout in that I have been craving:
@45lb KB
5×10 sumo deadlift high pull
5×5 Clean each arm
20 swings, 10 pullups
5×5 clean and press each arm
30 swings, 20 pullups
5×5 snatch each arm
40 swings, 30 pullups

5×5 Clean, Clean and Press, Snatch
50 swings, 15 pullups

My shoulder seems to be a little better this week and the painful kneecap issue seems to have gone away. I am taking Webber Naturals Joint Ease Glucosamine and Chondroitin that I picked up on sale at Costco a couple of weeks ago and I think that is helping a little. 3 caps a day for 1500mg Gluc and 1200mg Chon.


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