Baby Steps Towards Consistency

Monday – 35lb ball clean and pullups x100
Tuesday – Deadlift, clean, front squat repeat 50x
Wednesday – Deadlift, clean repeat 50x

Shoulder seems a little better but not because of physio but rather last night I reached into the passenger foot well in the car to get something and I got a massive stretch cramp in my shoulder / trap area. After an hour it felt better and this morning my shoulder feels better than it has in ages. Weird, I guess there is a muscle in there somewhere that is forcing the joint into a painful position. I will investigate and try to replicate the stretch tonight and see if I can fix myself.
I am thinking of trying to get some kettlebell workouts in, I miss that workout and I think it may do my shoulder some good, not the press necessarily but the stretch from the swings. My weight is slowly coming down, but at 258 I am still at least 25lbs over where I want to be. I hope that staying consistent will bring me back in the next month or so.

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