BSRD63 – The Inevitable Setback Arrives

only-a-flesh-woundYesterday I was in the kitchen and stooped to pick something off the floor. The tightness I immediately felt vertically along my incision site alarmed me and inevitably angered me once again. I spoke of my anger and bitterness when this happened after my first surgery 10 years ago and it’s really no different this time but there are a couple of things to note. First, this is not the soreness and regular pain I have been having for the last few weeks. That was some workout pain and physio pain but just general muscular soreness. This is more of a nerve pain, a shooting stabbing and restrictive pain that alters my mobility and causes me to feel physically nauseated. I can’t really describe it, it’s not the nerve pain from the disc that I get when my back is “out” but it’s a precursor to that. It’s as if I am too tight and the muscles are pulling my vertebrae together causing a bulging of the disc. All I know is that today I feel like I did 2 weeks after surgery, immobile, in a boatload of pain and absolutely intolerable to be around. All I can hope is that with a couple of careful days I can be ready to get back to my life on Monday with a well earned day off work and a short work week!

I’m sure it’s just a flesh wound. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I would appreciate if you could cross yours too, to be safe.

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