This Post Is Unrelated – Ford USB glitch

Yesterday my USB stick in the car stopped playing. Of course believing in the power of the internet I Googled it and found the solution as follows (which worked perfectly!):

So, I had a nice, shiny new ’08 Edge with the Sync system. I bought a USB thumb drive on which to store all of my music so I don’t have to drag my ipod in and out of the car. I loaded up my music, plugged it in, and itworked like clockwork.

Then, a couple days later, it stopped. The voice commands still worked, indexing was working fine, the radio even showed that it was playing my songs with the timer ticking away. But, there was no sound. After I tried everything I could think of (master reset on sync, re-formatting the usb drive, testing it with my ipod- which worked perfectly, testing the usb drive on my computer – which also worked perfectly, etc.) I gave up and called tech support. They told me that it was a known issue (phew), and I would have to take my car into the dealership to have them pull a fuse and replace it. They wouldn’t tell me which fuse, or where to find it.

Well, not wanting to take an hour out of my day for a simple problem, I cracked open the instruction manual. It lists fuse #3 (I think 15mA) for Sync. I opened up the fuse box, pulled that fuse, but it was fine. I popped it back in, and figured I’d give it a shot anyway. It WORKED PERFECTLY! It’s been a couple days now, and I haven’t had another problem.


1. Remove fuse box trim cover (inside the car, just in front of the driver side door, next to the parking brake), by sliding the unlock lever to the right, and then pulling the cover off. (Grab it from thetop and pull toward you).

2. Remove the fuse box cover (yeah, there’s another one). Squeeze the two latches on either side of the box (hard) and pull off.

3. Locate the proper fuse on the LEFT-MOST COLUMN, THIRD FUSE FROM THE TOP.

4. Use the fuse-grabber-thingy (technical term), that can be found on the inside of the fuse cover to remove the fuse.

5. Pop the fuse back in (make sure it’s not blown, mine wasn’t).

6. Put back the fuse-grabber-thingy, close both of the covers.

7. That’s it! Turn on the car, and your USB drive should be working again.

I hope this helps at least one person, and saves a little time and frustration! Let me know if there are any questions.


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