BSRD37 – Plateau or Slipping Backwards?

plateauIt’s funny, I had a lot more confidence in my recovery a few weeks ago than I do now. There was a time there where I was recovering fast, I was making progress every day and feeling really good, however as the last week or two have passed I find myself having weakness in my back which is causing me to doubt my recuperation.  The problem could be related to not working out with weights or bodyweight at all last week. I was so focused on walking and getting my 3km per day in that I did sacrifice the other parts of my rehab. I am hoping, therefore, that the lack of pushups and core work, bench and arms has contributed to an overall weakness in the mobility of my lower back muscles. The specifics of the issue is a weak feeling in the lower back, a tightness that causes me to think that I may strain something at any moment. It’s not just a feeling of not being able to move certain directions but rather a feeling of being on the brink of hurting myself. Obviously this has caused me great concern and so this week I have once again begun to focus on movement and whole body rehab rather than just walking.

This decision really only came to me as a conclusion yesterday so this week has really been about the walking up until then:
Monday – 3km walk
Tuesday – 3km walk
Wednesday – 3km walk
Thursday – 2km walk plus bench (15 sets)

The plan for the next 7 days should look something like this:

Double workout days
Friday – 2km walk plus triceps and biceps
Saturday – 3km walk plus Shoulders
Sunday – 2km walk plus core and light legs
Monday – 2km walk plus chest and tricep
Tuesday – 3km walk plus deadlift practice
Wednesday – 2km walk plus clean / clean and press (barbell)
Thursday – Long walk (Possible 5k?)
Friday – Off

This should transition me into the regular schedule of workout weeks that looks something similar to this:

1. Chest and tri or bootcamp workout
2. Deadlift and Pullups
3. Core / Whole body light day or cardio
4. Off
5. Clean and press (barbell or RKC day)
6. Bench and pullups
7. High intensity cardio and core





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