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speed_dialSince the infamous Body Beast on Wednesday I managed to squeeze in an RKC workout at work on Friday, an Insanity cardio workout on Saturday and a Deadlift workout on Sunday. Add that to the Bootcamp from last night and I seem to be almost on a roll of sorts.

I picked Pure Cardio for my insanity workout mostly because I had soreness in my shoulder and didn’t want to do too much of the plank or burpee action. My deadlifting is still sadly lacking and I am barely squeaking over 205lbs all the while being careful not to shatter my spine. I am going to try and get up to at least 225lbs in the next month and from there, who knows.

My RKC workout that used to be just ladders of clean and press with pullups is now changing into a more challenging and varied kettlebell workout. I have started to incorporate much more squat, high pull, snatch and swings into the workout to keep it more interesting. I have also managed to get my hands on another Art Of Strength workout titled Providence which I am hoping will add more fuel to the fire. Here’s the latest bootcamp, feel free to tell me if you find it challenging…

7.4.1 – Weights and stability ball

Chest Press
Chest Fly
Chest pullover
Single arm hammer tricep
Kneeling press
Kneeling curl
10 Wallball with pushup

Plank row
Plank row with pushup
Military on db
Kneeling press
Kneeling tricep extension
Kneeling bicep curl against knee
10 wallball with in and out abs

Med ball crunch
mb foot hold in and out
Side crunch hold mb high
mb knee hold crunchy frog
foot to hand vsnap passes
mb chest hold full situp

Chest press alternating
face up overhead fly alternating
Overhead pullover alternating
alternating shoulder press
alternating bicep curl
Single tricep extension overhead
10 wallball with military

High Pull
Ribbon (extended halo)
Hammer double curls
Military clap
Regular Clap
Plyo Pushup with clap

Twisting half moon both sides
warrior 1-3 both sides

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