Jugo Juice

menu_item_protein_big_blueWe have installed a Jugo Juice at our work location so yesterday and today I decided to try it out. Of course, being completely paranoid of any fast food outlet I wrote to the head office to find out exactly what is in the Whey Protein they use and what is in the tropical nectar which I suspected may be packed with sugar and/or HFCS. As it turns out, I got a very nice email from their head office letting me know that the nectar is in fact only concentrated fruit juices and the whey protein is basically just that, whey and little else, no sugar.

Yesterday’s fare was a Can’t Beet This (235 calories, 57g carbs, 2g protein) which I found a little earthy but invigorating. Today I was a little more adventurous given the email reply I received and went for a Tropical Protein (350 calories, 59g carbs, 21g protein ). The Tropical Protein is very good, extremely tasty and quite thick. It is certainly satisfying and makes a great bridge between an early lunch at 1130am and my workout which yesterday was 6pm and should be the same today. I can’t say I would recommend it every day, it’s a little expensive for one, but on a day when I forgot my lunch, it’s a great alternative.


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