Bootcamp Weights and Stability Plus Future Rumblings

I had made up a nice kettlebell workout for tonight but since the one person I had designed the workout for didn’t show we ended up modifying an old weights session with stability balls instead. It was based on this workout with some minor changes which I can’t really recall to be honest. It was a shoulder blast, that is for sure. I was a little frustrated at last week thinking that I should have busted out some P90X2 workouts and so in that vein I have serched for someone to loan me either Tapout XT or Body Beast, the newest workout from our friends at Beachbody.

The best thing about being a Beachbody coach is that if I like the product I can get it for cheap. The other great thing is that I can also sell it to others at a discount so if you are interested, hit me up! That said, I have found a person who will loan me the dvd’s to check out for  a few days and I may even be able to produce a review or two. I know it’s probably possible to get the stuff off torrent sites but if there is one thing I have learned about fitness and health, if it works, it’s worth paying for. I am proud to say I have paid for every Beachbody product I own and I encourage you all to do the same.

Here’s that workout.

10 Clean
10 Swings
10 Clean and Press
10 Swings
10 Snatch or clean and press
10 Swings

Sitting on Stability Balls Sets of 10 each
Overhead pullover
Laying Fly face up
Sitting press
Sitting curl
Double Tricep extension
Plank row
Floor laying chest fly
Low kneel shoulder press
kneeling single arm curl
football throw extension
Overhead pullover alternating
face up overhead fly alternating
alternating shoulder press
alternating bicep curl
Military pushup feet on ball
High Pull
Incline chest fly
Hammer double curls
Single bent over tricep extension

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