Monday Bootcamp Agility

Last night was bootcamp agility again, we used 5 hoops this time and a lot more pushups than usual. My heart rate was extremely high a few times but I think this may be a reflection of my lack of cardio training rather than the actual difficulty. The problem with doing so much Olympic lifting is that the WOD/Cardio aspect doesn’t get as much work. I am starting to think that adding something, whether I stick with Tapout or something else at least once a week will be a smart move.

5.10.1 Cardio / Agility – 4 hoops run backwards

30s each
Heels Up
Knees Up
Jumping Jacks
123 Heisman

3 way pushups – 1 each move hands
Regular – Military – H2H 15 total

Pushups through 4 hoops (11)
Pushup doubles inside hoops only (4)
Squat thrust through 4 hoops (11)
Spider each side inside hoops only (4)
Front in and outs through hoops 4x with backward run

10 plank step over and back with pushup
10 shoulder touch with pushup
5 burpee on floor with sphinx plank
Front in and out both legs jacks

10 air squat
10 squat jumps
20 super skaters cardio version no jump
side jump in and out 4x

10 frog jumps
10 tuck jumps
10 jump 180s alternating floor touch
side jump in and out 4x

10 side plank arm balance
10 superman 3 counts
5 burpee star jump
front facing in and out 4x

10 pushup arm balance
10 superman knee to elbow
5 burpee tuck jump
front facing jumping jacks 4x

20 Super skater cardio with jump
10 3 jacks with burpee
20 MK switch
front facing bunny hop fwd and backwards x4

10 Hindu Pushups
20 leg under hip to floor
20 MK switch with hop
front facing bunny hop fwd and backwards x4

10 pushups
10 Military pushups
10 Sphinx to plank
step in and through tap

10 Military pushups
10 Clapping pushups
10 Plyo pushups
step in and through tap

Single Hoop Punishment

Foot tap 360 x4
Foot tap inside out 360 x4
20 jacks into circle
20 bunny hops into circle
20 alternate in and out sideways
20 alternate in and out forwards
20 bunny hop in jack out buynny hop out

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