10.43&4 – WOD Monday and Bootcamp Weights With Balance!

Tony H bringing stability balls into the male gym rat psyche.

Monday was kind of a compromise, I asked the girls to come up with several moves and I put the numbers up. What we ended up with was a fast (sub-10 minute) workout that was appropriate given the length of training and the heat.

Push Ups
V Snaps
Air Squats
Double box dips

It’s 80 reps of each but for such light movements we really should have gone to 25 which would have put the total at 125 each. Even that would only have been 15 minutes. Without doing pullups, these WOD type workouts are very short, sometimes too short but like I said, given the situation, it was fine.

Tuesday bootcamp was weights and balance which meant stability ball use and dumbbells. I liked this workout, it is basic and at the same time challenging due to the balance component, especially when you alternate sides! It looked like this:

D11 4.6.1 Weights

10 Clean
10 Swings
10 Clean and Press
10 Swings
10 Snatch or clean and press
10 Swings

Sitting on Stability Balls Sets of 10 each
Overhead pullover
Laying Fly face up
Sitting press
Sitting curl
Double Tricep extension
Plank row
Floor laying chest fly
Low kneel shoulder press
kneeling single arm curl
football throw extension
Overhead pullover alternating
face up overhead fly alternating
alternating shoulder press
alternating bicep curl
Military pushup feet on ball
High Pull
Incline chest fly
Hammer double curls
Single bent over tricep extension

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