10.9 – Bootcamp 4 Kickoff

Today was day 1 of Bootcamp 4. We welcomed the return of two of our previous participants but did lose one to the lure of summer fun. The first class was always designed to be a slow introduction and with 2 new people and my girls back in the mix it was almost like  a new group. Therefore, the first 3 workouts will be pretty basic. Here is what we did, a full body bodyweight workout for the masses!

D1 – 4.1.1 Bodyweight

10 regular pushups
10 military pushups
10 sphinx to plank step or drop
10 pushup side hold
10 pullups

20 shoulder crunch
20 leg up crunch
10 full situp double twist
10 side crunch
10 hanging leg raise

20 Air squats
20 step back lunge front kick
20 belt kicks
20 front lunge
10 pullups

20 shoulder touch
20 hip touch
10 spider each side
10 knee to elbow each
10 knee to opposite elbow each

20 single leg knee raise
20 super skaters
30 second chair pose
20 side lunge
10 pullups

10 pushup step out
10 clap pushup
10 plyo pushup
10 pushup side raise leg raise
5 Worlds slowest burpee with clap


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