10.10-11 – Rest Plus Bootcamp Weights


The rest day was a welcome break. I realize just how out of shape I am compared to when I was up at 70% participation, it’s amazing how a little bit of slacking off can make you feel like a lazy ass. Bootcamp day 2 was weights and heavy on the arms and shoulders since I was feeling a little lightweight in that area. The workout was good, but having a limited amount of dumbbells means that the participants aren’t quite getting the workout I want. I wish we had a bunch of 15lb dbs to use, it would really bridge the gap to the next level.

Anyway, here is what we did:

D2 – 4.1.2 Weights

Double Curls
Double Press
High pull
DB Thruster
Chin ups or turnarounds

Alt curls
Alt press
Front and Back Rolling Shrugs
Chin ups or hand turns

DB good mornings
Sitting shoulder press
dips no weight
dip hops
dips leg up each side

Shoulder raise side
Shoulder raise front
Shoulder raise side to front
Shoulder raise front with row

Sitting shoulder press
Weighted dips both weights
Weighted dips one weight
weighted dips no weight

Double Curls
Alt Curls
Outward curls
Hammer Curls
French Curls

Abs – 10 with DB, 20 free

in and out
full situp
russian twist


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