R8D53 – Bootcamp 10

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks of bootcamp already!

I wanted to do a quick synopsis to get an idea of what to do tonight…

Week 1 – Intro mostly chest and legs
Week 2 –  Tabata, arms, abs, mobility and plyo/legs
Week 3 –  Abs and leg agility with boxes
Week 4 –  Chest and arms plus cardio. Basic plyo
Week 5 –  Weights intro. Chest, shoulders, arms, abs
Week 6 –  Weights and Cardio. Bonus Abs
Week 7 –  Weighted Legs and Abs
Week 8 – Boxes! Cardio Shoulders and Arms
Week 9 – 20-14-8 All around weights with agility fast feet
Week 10 –  True Interval Cardio 120s/30s. Bonus Abs.

So that means today being week 10 it’s time for true interval training. That means timed intervals, no cheating, no overworking (or over resting).

Warmup x3 increasing 30s each
jumping jacks
log jumps
vertical jumps

30s each with 30s rest X3

power jumps
belt kicks
hit the floor
v pushups
BONUS – Floor dips

Log Jumps
Frog jumps
step out pushups
floor sprints
BONUS – 8 hop squats 8 squat push back (then 4/2/1)


In and out
crunchy frog
reach triple 10s – thighs, knees, feet
cross reach triple 10s – thighs, knees, feet
arx bicycles 25 fwd and back
laying bicycles 4×10 on count
bridge reach triples – shoulder bridge after each one


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