What’s Next? Round 4 Spitballing

September 7 2010

So I am starting to think about Round 4 and what it will entail. Since I am a big fan of Fitbomb I have taken a shine to the Crossfit methodology and even though I wouldn’t be able to do some of the movements due to my back surgery I still think that I could hit 2 out of 7. That is all I would need to get me started on something like this:

Day 1: P90X Workout
Day 2: Crossfit WOW (workout of the week choice)
Day 3: Insanity Workout
Day 4: P90X Workout
Day 5: Crossfit WOW
Day 6:  Insanity Workout
Day 7: Rest

There will have to be some kind of adjustment to the bodyparts I would work, part of me thinks that I can skip the leg workouts from P90 if I am doing both Insanity and CF. I would need to work Chest, Back, Shoulders and Arms over the 2 day split realizing that the WOW would probably then have to work something different if possible. I would still try to break it down into a 90 day session which given occasional days off (Thanksgiving weekends, parents visiting etc.) should run me well into the Christmas season. I still have almost 2 weeks of Round 3 to go and it is my mission to get this Fitness Melange organized in time to start right at the end of Round 3.

What is the philosophy behind round 4? Well, I think the ability to incorporate some running is the main focus. Also, being able to avoid burning out on Tony and Shaun is critical. The more I work out with them, the more I want to get out and see how fit I am doing other things after all, what is the point in getting fit if you aren’t going to test yourself once you get there? I think that a large part of doing a WOW will be to show off the shape I am in from doing P90X and Insanity. Plus there is something visceral about working out outside, lifting things that aren’t dumbbells or barbells and getting to grip with yourself without the aid of a TV personality.

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