Round 2, Day 3 – Damn Doms

Shoulders and Arms – February 3 2010

If you love ab workouts you are unstable.

But my arms still hurt from day 1! I remember clearly the feeling of week 1 last time around, it has all come back with startling clarity since I woke up this morning and rolled into my bottle of advil.

The major stumbling block of Round 2 is going to be Gymnastics Coaching. I was able to do it last time but once Round 1 was done and we started coaching again at the end of the summer the time demands seemed to overwhelm me. Maybe it was because I was trying to get to the gym instead of loitering in the basement. This time I am sure I will do better, but with late nights at work now mandatory I think my evenings are going to be both long and painful. Great.

After Plyo yesterday I am a little gelatinous. Not just in the way that I can see my outer layers jiggle in the mirror in the basement but rather my legs feel like I have been de-boned. I can only say that re-reading the entries from week one last time around are of little comfort to how I feel. I just need to get through tonight then tomorrow I can rest at coaching.

Post workout – I hate Ab Ripper. Regardless of how many times I say it, I can’t begin to explain how much I hate that 10 minutes of my life. I have never been fond of Abdominal workouts but this is just pure unadulterated hell on a stick for me.

Round 1, Day 3

The latin translation is below:

Left intolerable ripping
Right intolerable ripping
Unbearable discomfort
Realization that abs are for idiots

3 thoughts on “Round 2, Day 3 – Damn Doms”

  1. Why you gotta dis ARX, man? 🙂 It is pure hell at the beginning. But that is what makes it so dang fun. Cuz the more you do it, the better you get and then you get to sit back and crack a smile at others who are just starting. It may hurt, but it hurts so good. I hated Mason Twists back then. Today I’m good friends with Mason. I’ll bet secretly inside you love it, too.

  2. I can’t believe it has been this painful to get started. I agree, I loved parts of ARX at the end of round one… Too bad I took so long off and now I am back to hating every second. Give me a couple of weeks I will be back in love… or dead.

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