Round 2 Day 2 – Short Memory

If I couldn’t see them, I would be convinced my triceps are on fire. I forgot how painful things can be once you start to move them.

Today is Plyo, the workout that is glowingly referred to as the X in P90X. Of course, Tony seems to refer to several different things as either “THE X” or “THE MOTHER” of certain things. It’s his enthusiasm that really grates on my nerves at times. However, I know it is just Day 2 talking when I say I once again want to rip off his magnificently sculpted arm and stuff it all the way down his throat.

Plyo was tough, I think that regardless of wanting to try hard I was just not able to. My heart rate maxed out at below 150 which is a stroll in the park compared to the 160+ I could get to last round.

I know one thing for certain, it’s not because I am fitter than I was.

This is not the locust that Tony refers to when talking to Dom. But rather this is how I feel at this time even though I am actually laying on my living room floor weeping a little…

Being able to jump like a locust wasn’t ever high on my list of life ambitions. Even during University when I was able for the first (and last) time in my life able to dunk a basketball I never really put much weight into the notion that jumping high was somehow cool. My mindset has always been of power rather than mobility. I am far more impressed with someone able to shoulder press their bodyweight than a guy who can hang off the rim. However, jump over a car and I will buy you a pack of gum or something…

Round 1, Day 2

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