G90X is Dead… Long Live P90X Round 2

Warning. This post contains reality checks, actual results and the effect of doing P90X without the nutrition to back it up.

You have been warned.

Well, no surprise that my transition to the gym didn’t work out as planned and now here I sit in worse shape than I was before I started the workouts last time. The good thing is that I am fully aware of what it takes to succeed this time and hoepfully it won’t be too painful. However, I did try to do Plyo just for fun a few weeks ago and thought my heart was going to explode. Anyway, I have to do something to get me back into shape so here we go.

Today is January 30, Saturday and it’s day 1. Some guys from work are also participating and we’ll see how many people make it through to the end.

The feeling that I have now is that even though I am in worse shape than I was when I started last time I think I will be able to catch up even more quickly given that I know what to expect and know when to hit the gas and when to take it easy. I also have the  modified movements sorted out so that I don’t wreck my sensitive back or shoulder. I have to believe that after the first two weeks I should be down at least 8 lbs and pretty much up to speed. We shall see.

Chest and Back.

It is nice to be back. This time around however I am drowning out Tony with whatever I can get my ipod to play through my old receiver in the basement. Today I did the whole workout to Sir Mixalot which may seem like a strange choice but when compared to the Public Enemy I have lined up for shoulders and arms it doesn’t seem so odd.

The workout was by no means easy. I know I am out of shape (comparatively speaking) and for me that means I am lugging around more weight than I should be because due to my long history of weightlifting my muscles themselves are never far away from being fully awake. The pushups were a breeze as usual, bu the numbers on my chinups were truly pitiful. However, over the past year that I have been trying to work on my back strength I now actually feel like I have some semblance of muscularity back there to work with. Even so, the totals were embarassing

This time around I also opted to do the fit test that I neglected last time. It is probably good since I would have scored reasonably well last time. Not so today. I have included my numbers below for your entertainment.

Resting Heart Rate70
Vertical Leap Inches13
Wall Squat (Seconds)65
Bicep Curls (Reps | Wt )4020
Total Poundage800
In & Outs50
Heart Rate Maximizer
Immediately After150
After 1 Minute Rest123
After 2 Minutes Rest106
After 3 Minutes Rest99
After 4 Minutes Rest93
Cardio Calculators3/1/2010
Phase 1
Fitness LevelsDay 1Day 28
Body Fat %26.82%0.00%
Right Thigh25
Left Thigh26
Right Bicep18
Left Bicep17.75

Resting Heart Rate   70
Pull-Ups   5
Vertical Leap Inches   13
Push-Ups   50 (I got bored after 50…)
Wall Squat (Seconds)   65
Bicep Curls (Reps | Wt )   40@20lbs
Total Poundage   800
In & Outs   50

Heart Rate Maximizer

Immediately After   150
After 1 Minute Rest   123
After 2 Minutes Rest106
After 3 Minutes Rest99
After 4 Minutes Rest93

Fitness LevelsDay 1

Body Fat %26.82%
Right Thigh 25
Left Thigh26
Right Bicep 18
Left Bicep17.75

That’s all for today, I am in high spirits, only due to the fact that I have forgotten just how painful day 2 and 3 are…

Link to Day 1 Part 1

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