Day 60 – The Eyes Have It


Nicole went in for laser eye surgery today at LasikMD, the same place I got my bionic vision from a couple of years ago. For that reason I was home early from work and managed to get my workout done relatively early. That meant time for studying my nutrition course, something I have not done at all this week! Of course, I left my book at work so studying was out the window. There was another massive storm tonight, apparently there were tornadoes in Vaughan, some really amazing videos on youtube! I didn’t really want to do Yoga, I have to admit, I was ready for Kenpo but in the end it turned out to be a really surreal experience.

I had the lights off in the basement, it was late afternoon so the sun was still beating in through the doors. Once the clouds came, the skies darkened and the winds picked up. Across from our yard I could see the trees straining with the wind, and rain lashing across the pond. The lightning was astonishing and the thunder both immediate and terrifying. I worked through the yoga poses, the amazing symphony of weather outside, calming me with each movement. I stood motionless in Royal Dancer, the wind so vicious it brought the force of the storm into the room, swirling around me with cooling magnificence. I felt in touch with the storm as it raged outside my window, lashing huge rain drops against the screen, spraying it’s fine mist into the gym. It was a very bizarre and yet strangely inspirational experience.

I was reviewing the P90X booklet, and in the Phase 3 section is says I should have significantly better flexibility and balance. I can’t say it is significantly because my balance was pretty good to start with but my flexibility is noticeably improved. All, that is, except for my twisting poses. I am not sure what prevents me from twisting, if it is a physical obstruction or a physical limitation but I find that any time a movement calls for twisting I fall short. Maybe it is the tightness of my back, maybe it is the fullness of my torso, but whatever it is, I can’t twist like a thin person.

Damn them all.

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