Day 61 – I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone

Or in Nicole’s case, I can see clearly now you have cut open my eyeball and burned off part of my retina with a laser!

It appears, at least initally, that the surgery was a resounding success. Her comments to me are similar to the feelings I recall from my own surgery and since I ended up with bionic super-vision I have high hopes for her.

Today was legs and back – Torture for my poor sore hamstrings and bum.

Unfortunately it is now a few days later and after a weekend in Niagara Falls my recollection is dim at best. What I can tell you is that my chinups are miles better than they were and it seems like the elbow and shoulder pain I was having initially is subsiding somewhat. I can also tell you that Phase 3 of the workout is basically Phase 1 plus Phase 2 weeks kind of mixed in together. So this week I did week 1, next week I will be doing week 5 workouts.


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