Day 59 – 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

Shoulders and Arms

It’s official, I am 2/3 done P90X!!! I am staggered by my tenacity and perseverance. Well, they are the same thing which makes me amazed at my complete disregard for my Literature Degree! Redundancy in all forms should be eliminated. You will notice I didn’t say completely eliminated, but I digress…

I feel like I am back at the first week again. I am sore all over but I love it! It is amazing to me that the week off does you so much good while feeling like it is doing so much damage to your progress. I guess you have to take a step back to take 3 steps forward in this case. I never subscribed to the notion of rest weeks since I worked ona 4 days off 1 day off schedule. It always seemed the case that 2 or 3 times a year I would be forced to take time off anyway due to vacations etc so it never really bothered me. I certainly never thought of taking a week off out of every 4. Once I have revamped the workout a bit for the long term I think I will stick with the week off schedule although maybe stretch it out to 1 week off in every 6 or 8. I just realized how sore my traps are. OW!!! The shrugs in the shoulders and arms workout are the ONLY trap exercises in the whole system. That is something I will need to address going forward. I think that every time you do shoulders you should address the traps also. I will have to look closer at the exercises but I don’t recall ever doing shrugs or upright rows other than during the S&A workout. At the very least they could incorporate some upright row into shoulder press…. Oh wait… Maybe I do remember now… I will have to check and get back to you.

I also found last night that I had modified the workout quite heavily to accommodate some higher weight tricep exercises. I found that the kickbacks, something I despise as a workout move, were insufficient and that my triceps were simply not getting an adequate workout. I also had a lot of joint pain between my sore shoulder and sore elbows I needed to change things quite a bit to get the right workout. For example, I substituted any of the tricep movements with laying close grip bench press. I can do 135lbs with ease and after about 30 reps or so I am on fire. That is how it should be, but if I stuck with what Tony was doing (we are getting along much better this time!) I was nowhere near where I needed to be fatigue-wise. Since I get a lot of pain form my elbows doing fully supinated curls, I had to modify to give me a decent burn while sharing amongst straight, hammer and french curls. For some reason I had done the Congdon curls on one knee which I replicated last night. The stress on my spine doing it like they do in the video is reckless in my position.

The sun was out, I was doing weights with the sun beating down on me, I was a happy camper.

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