DAY 58 – Put Down The Pork


The workouts are the easy part, the real challenge is writing about it every day!

Actually, looking at the scale this morning, the diet is obviously the challenge for me. Rest week obviously made my body think we were on vacation and didn’t have to bother losing any weight.

No-porkPlyo is one of my favourite workouts but for some reason tonight my legs were heavy and even with some recovery drink in my water I was struggling to finish the 30 second sections. I realized afterwards that I had not had a single vegetable all day and in fact the only living thing I ate was a banana early in the day. That explained it all, my body was short on hydration due to the low water content and high calorie density food I had been eating. It is amazing to feel the differences that small changes in your diet make, and it is frustrating to realize that you are having to torture yourself because you were too lazy and/or inattentive to eat some greens and fruit. I have always been a high protein type of eater, I knew from an early age that starch didn’t agree with me and that pasta made me fat. I love meat so I tended to stick with that and it worked OK for me when I would diet, cutting out the complex carbs was fairly easy. Nowadays I have found a more healthy approach and that is to replace the majority of the protein with fruits and vegetables which gives me much more energy and still enough protein to synthesize the tissue my body requires. For years I overloaded my body with too much protein, something that is very hard to quit doing but the more I learn about too much protein, the more afraid I get…

Hard to believe but there are less than 3 weeks left until coaching starts. One of my primary motivations for doing P90X was to get in better shape so that I could test the conditioning for the girls at gym. I don’t expect them to do anything I wouldn’t do as far as conditioning goes and so far over the years that has been the case. It is definitely getting harder to keep up but this year I think there will not be an issue…

Edit (Feb 15, 2011): Notice the lack of evidence given regarding the “too much protein” comment. It’s interesting to note how much information has come to light since this entry. In actual fact, I was always of the belief that too much protein was simply rejected as waste (although I am not sure how I would have explained this biologically). 2 1/2 years later, I am eating the same as I was here, but the protein outweighs the carbs by quite some distance. However, I still get the heavy feeling if I don’t get enough water. Hydration is a key element of any Paleo diet, and I still struggle with it. And by “it” I mean peeing like I am a in my third trimester.

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