Day 27 – Saturday 18th July 2009. Stupid Monitor.

So I was cleaning out the garage today and decided to put the 20″ monitor out by the kerb for someone to take away, it is working fine and it’s free, I thought it would be gone in no time. However, as I reached to put it down on the electrical transformer in the front yard I felt a slight twinge in my back. A muscular pull type of feeling.  I spent the rest of the day hobbling around and trying to keep my back warm, mostly by finishing Need For Speed:Undercover on the PS3 and renting NHL’09. Anyway, it came time to go to the basement and I really couldn’t face it. I knew that by tomorrow my back would feel much better and didn’t want to risk hurting it more, especially since it was Yoga X. I just couldn’t face 90 minutes of that kind of pain. So I switched tomorrow’s day off with today and will do Yoga tomorrow, hopefully in much more agreeable condition.

Wow! A real day off!

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