Day 26 – Time is really flying

I can’t belive it is already day 26. Tuesday will mark 1/3 of the program completed! I am feeling good because it is rest week and I no longer feel like I have been beaten with a baseball bat, I am sure next week this optimism and sense of wellbeing will be replaced with hostility and pain but until then I can say I could do this forever!!! Today is core synergistics again and I am looking forward to it becasue it is quite a fast paced workout and now I know what the exercises look like and feel like I can put a bit more effort in to it.

I love once you get the hang of things. This core workout is not bad once you are able to keep up. It is a lot of abdominal stuff but not as challenging as Ab Ripper thankfully. I guess because it is rest week they kind of want to go easy on you which is nice however my heart rate monitor is showing me still way ahead of where I would usually be with my gym workouts. One bizarre upshot of this workout is that I finally got around to documenting some of my own conditioning that I use for the Gymnastics girls which will come in handy next year. It has only taken me 5 years to get around to doing it!! Like I mentioned in a previous post, it is amazing how similar some of the moves and structure is to what I put together for them, I guess that means I am on the right track with my methodology.

I am supposed to be studying for my Nutritionist Certification at the same time as I am doing P90X, however I am far far behind in my studying compared to my 26 days of workouts. Hmmm… about 22 days behind actually.

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