Day 28 – Twitch

Yoga X

That Crazy Quack electrocutes another victim…

That Crazy Quack electrocutes another victim

Today has been weird. I do feel much better after yesterday’s day off but I am having all kinds of weird muscle spasms. I think I am a little dehydrated and that is making my body do bizarre things. I feel like my phone is vibrating in my pocket where it is actually my quad muscle rippling with spasms. Same goes for my right tricep which has been pulsing like it is hooked up to Dr. Ho with a beat as regular as that new fangled rap music everyone is talking about. This morning my back felt much better. It is still a little stiff but the pain of the pull is almost gone. Nicole spent her day painting the main floor bathroom and I spent mine cleaning the garage, putting up the maps in the basement (which almost caused a fight between Nicole, me and the cat) and furthering my career in NHL09. Once it came time to go to see Tony the Devil I was ready to go. I had also gone to Home Depot after our weekly Costco trip and found a metal bar which is thicker than the chinup bar and that I can have confidence will not break. I am going to install it before Monday’s return to chinups and that should give me a much needed boost in my pull up proficiency. The Yoga X was good, it certainly passed more quickly and I found myself able to do a couple of positions that I had been unable to get up until now. I think it is the Half Moon maybe, anyway, one of the stupid twisty ones that I couldn’t do because I couldn’t reach the floor. I know that sounds really bizarre that someone wouldn’t be able to reach the floor but you have to understand that reaching over a massive leg with a behemoth sized bicep and triceps is not easy. I know many many men who would love to be in the position of having 19″ arms but believe me, it is not all it is cracked up to be when it comes to Yoga. Anyway, I am confident that I am getting more and more flexible as time goes along. I know I have decent balance so I don’t have difficulty with the balance portion of the workout however I feel like even that is improving. I think it is my focus that is getting better. Lifting weights like I have for years takes very short bursts of effort and as such very short attention. Yoga lengthens the amount of time that your mind spends concentrating on each muscle group and as such gives you much better control over them. I have found that as time goes along I have become much better at working the body part that is flexed and being able to relax the rest of my body, my face included. Usually as I struggle below 300+ lbs of bench press my face and indeed my entire body is contorted with effort. I am gradually finding that it is possible to channel that effort solely into the area being worked. Ya, weird I know but it seems to be true.

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