Day 19 – The 21 day habit

Legs and Back - 80 chinups, not bad for a fat old guy.

80 reps, not bad for a fat old guy.

Bring it he said. Do your best and forget the rest he said. What he neglected to say is that if you do bring it you may actually lose the ability to walk for short periods of time. He didn’t say “Do your best but be careful that you are still able to stand up after you are done”. By the way, he also didn’t mention how painful that stupid Crunchy Frog is on your lower back. I know it is not supposed to be, but as tight as your back gets after the workout it is almost impossible for it not to feel incredible pressure from doing CF’s or V-Snaps as they are similar to.

I did my Saturday double today which consists of an hour on the treadmill in the morning and then P90X in the evening. My legs were tired enough after the treadmill that I wanted to skip the legs and back workout. However, I am now under the 21 day habit influence given that I have taken 2 days off getting to 19 days. It is widely acknowledged by psychiatrists and so on that it takes 21 days to create a habit and now is that point where that influence is coming to bear. I actually felt like I was compelled to go to the basement and do the workout even though I wasn’t 100% convinced I wanted to. That is the beauty of habits, they automatically point you in the right direction even when you can’t convince yourself to go down that road.

Once I started I felt fine as I usually do. I was going lower in my squats and lunges, forcing my back leg straight which stretches my quad like a beast. The chinups are going OK, I am regularly doing 10 per set, mostly unassisted which on legs and back day comes out to 80 repetitions. My legs were aching after I finished and of course, the Ab Ripper tore my hip flexors apart. It was not a good abs session at all due to the heaviness in my quads but I struggled through at about 15-20 reps of the 25.

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