Day 18 – Stay Puft Vs. The Hulk


On my way...

I don’t think yoga will ever be easy for me. The sheer size of my shoulders and arms make it almost impossible for me to get into some of the positions required. Today for the first time I made contact between my elbow and knee doing the twisting chair pose. This may not seem very hard for most people and I am sure it isn’t but strap a couple of hams on your arms and try it. The main thing is that I am getting better though, and today with the seated two leg hamstring stretch I was able to reach the balls of my feet. Quite a feat pardon the pun. Each workout presents it’s own challenges with weights and reps but the weird thing about yoga is that the effort required to improve is not really tangible. The concentration it takes to extend the back leg properly in most of the warrior poses makes the difference between a casual stretch and balance workout and a devastatingly diffcult yoga X workout. I was concentrating on my leg today and it is ridiculous how hard you have to work to keep that thing straight.

Other than that, the workout was mostly uneventful. It passed fairly quickly given that it is 90 minutes but that was probably due to the fact that this time I knew exactly how many runners poses I had to do and when the breaks came. Just as I am getting used to the timing we are going into a new week. However, the workouts for the most part stay the same, just in a different order. I am determined to see improvements in 2 areas of my yoga, one is my flexibility through my legs, the other is reducing the girth of my core to be able to twist properly because at the moment I still feel a little Michelin. Given that I came from Stay Puft land almost a year ago the transformation is well underway and once I reach Jolly Green Giant territory it’s time to go for the Hulk!

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