Day 20 – My butt hurts


Mama says my back is crooked as a question mark...

This is by far and away my favourite workout. I know last time I said the same thing, the past week has only served to reinforce my attitude. Today my legs were killing me. Between trying to improve my frog stretch and the insane pounding I gave them yesterday I felt like I was on stilts today, a little wobbly and not altogether under control. We went to look at some open houses just for a laugh and every time I got out of the car it felt like I was ripping my butt muscle from the tendons. I am sure I looked like an overstuffed Forrest Gump walking towards the open houses as if I was in leg braces. It didn’t help that we stayed over at a friend’s house last night and I got to sleep on a rock hard matress. Now I am not complaining about the matress per se since I am very fond of hard beds however when I only get to spend one night, my body reacts in an unfavourable way. However, I woke with less lower back pain than normal but more leg and butt pain. I also woke with more children pains but that is a whole different issue.

I knew that no matter how I felt starting out, that the workout would go by fast and I would actually enjoy it so I dragged my butt off the couch after watching the Indy and went downstairs. My kicks were better today, my coordination is also improving and the whole workout is getting better the more I enjoy it. That is typical given that today is my last day of the first active session of P90X. The next week is what is referred to as a rest week however I believe it only means I don’t have to do 100 chinups and 400 pushups every other day. Once this week is done it is time for phase 2 of 3. I will preview the differences later.

I am in a conundrum now however. I am 0ne day short of being on the right day so I think that given that I am going into a rest week that I can skip my rest day and go to day 1 of the rest week. Technically it would mean that I am doing P89X but I am sure that is not the end of the world. The benefit is that my rest day would be Sunday, the day after I pull my normal double which makes much more sense. It also means that Monday is my start day much like it is for my gym workouts. It means that today would be YogaX instead of rest day/stretchX. Given what I have accomplished so far and the benefits, I think I will go ahead and skip day 21 and go on to day 22.

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