10.90 – Rounds Are Over, 3 Years Later.

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After almost 3 years and 3 months of sticking to my 90 day regimen I think it’s about time to give it up. It all started with P90X day 1 back in June of 2009 (actually, the first introduction to Tony was back in 2005) and since then I have gradually inched further away from the […]

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R8D51 – Pick A Poison

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Last night with the girls I gave them the option of doing one of 4 items. They were supposed to do 10 of each for a total of 20 in 20 minutes. I later decided that choice was not something you give a teenager so I made them do 5 of each. In fact they […]

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Insanity 2 Codename Asylum

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Apparently there is a new Insanity workout coming from Shaun T. It is supposedly coming out early 2011 and according to Shaun T himself: I just finished a program called ‘Asylum’ because I had to take it a step forward. With ‘Insanity,’ it is based off max integral training and your best. I took all of […]

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Round 5 Day 1 – The Plan And The Future

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So as you can no doubt tell, I did kind of bail on Round 4 leaving with about 2 weeks left to the 3 month mark. However, the timing was problematic, with Christmas, new weights, new methodologies creeping in I thought it was finally time to move along. I am coming to the realization that […]

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Round Two, Day 32 – Pure Cardio, Pure Hell

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Pure Cardio is the epoch of everything that is wrong with the Insanity program. Well, let me rephrase that, it represents everything that is wrong with the way I am approaching these workouts. I am so used to Tony giving us breaks and time to recover before again blasting the bodypart that my feeble brain […]

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Round 2. Days 12-16, Insanity Hybrid is here

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Human DNA removal. One way or another… I couldn’t wait. Reading other blogs about people abandoning Kenpo and Yoga to do Insanity workouts drove me to a jealous rage. I ripped open my Insanity package and on day 13 instead of doing Kenpo I decided I would bust out the easiest of the Insanity DVDs. I decided […]

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Round 2. Days 9 – 11. Weekends are for working. Buying My Insanity.

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I am finding this P90X thing harder the second time around. Not only, as I am repeatedly saying, that I am in worse shape than I was but also because I am skipping bits and pieces and therefore not quite getting the work I once was. It’s fine to say that I want to skip […]

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