WOD, OLY and Bootcamp Bodyweight (Making Stuff Up)

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Friday at the end of training we did a 20 round version of Chelsea, however since I have injured shoulders among my athletes there was some modification happening. I did chinups, pushups and squats but my girls (at least some) did VSnaps, handstands and squats. It was a 20 minute one per minute thing and […]

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10.66-69 – My Olympic Lifting Days

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Since I moved my bar up to the garage and have bumper plates that I can get decent weights with I am now getting more and more into the Oly movements. On a typical day I will try to do 4 movements, deadlift, hang clean, clean and press and squat. Occasionally I will do push […]

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R8D33 – Risky Business

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I decided to try the WOD from yesterday’s Fitbomb entry which looked like this: Strength: Turkish Get Ups (45lb KB) (I made it through 15 per side, 1-2-3-4-5) Metcon: 5 sets: 12 deadlift 155lb 9 hang clean 155lb 6 push press 155lb (it was actually jerk press but I decided to push) I got through […]

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R5D20 – 5×5 Weighted WOD

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On the way back from work today I bought myself a 50lb MIR weighted vest. Since I lost the last 40lbs I have wanted to reward myself with something, since I was supposed to do so when I reached 250lbs. It makes sense that I should get a weighted vest since I am now doing […]

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R5D13 – Deadlift Debacle Solved (Plus a couple of fun links)

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Last time I was on deadlift day (previously known as back day) I tried in vain to get a power/ endurance program to work. It didn’t pan out the way I had hoped and I ended up only doing 36 reps of each movement. It was supposed to be: “Deadlifts with 135# plus chinups as […]

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R5D4 – 6 Harder Than Anticipated

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As I suspected when I started, I completely forgot I was supposed to be doing a 4th day and went straight from day 3 to rest to starting over. So for day 4 it was back to RKC swings, then the TGU for day 5 and yesterday I disappointed myself with a mix of deadlifts […]

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Round 4 Day 32 – El Improvisario (FGB)

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I don’t know if that is even a word but my improvising skills are getting better and better as I try to keep up with some of the signature Crossfit workouts. Today, as promised, was Fight Gone Bad but since I lack the basic necessary equipment I had to improvise. The workout Rx (as prescribed) […]

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