R5D20 – 5×5 Weighted WOD

mv30_su2_2On the way back from work today I bought myself a 50lb MIR weighted vest. Since I lost the last 40lbs I have wanted to reward myself with something, since I was supposed to do so when I reached 250lbs. It makes sense that I should get a weighted vest since I am now doing less when I do pull ups since I weigh less. So I researched a little online and it seems that MIR has the best vests and FitnessSource in Richmond Hill had one in stock. Let me just say that if I ever meet Mr Mir I am going to run him over with my car for inventing something so blatantly evil.

I set out to do back day, something with 135lb deadlifts and pull ups. I decided that a quick 5 deadlift, 5 pull up combo would be just the ticket. I wanted to be done in under 30 minutes so I put a time cap of 15 minutes on the 5×5 sets. I then put on the vest and got to work. I had taken 30lbs out of the vest so that I was wearing 20lbs to start with, a good idea since after the first set of pull ups I was astounded at how  hard they were. Regardless of that, when I picked up the box that the vest came in I couldn’t believe that it was the same as the weight I have lost, I momentarily had my mind blown!

I blew through the first 5 sets in 5 minutes before I hit difficulties. It took me another 8 minutes to do the last 5 and since I knew I wasn’t going to make another, I stopped at an even 10 rounds. I was pretty gassed but happy at the number however it wasn’t until I took off the vest that I realized just how heavy 20lbs is. Even though this was the first workout I have done, I am already very happy with the purchase. I don’t think I will ever be running in the thing but for doing bodyweight workouts which is my focus right now, it is amazing. I can’t wait to do some squats, pushups and box jumps in it and even try to get through an insanity workout with it on! So