10.47-52 – Fitting In

It’s been a tough few days around here, we were away for the weekend in St Thomas Ontario visiting Thomas The Tank Engine and staying overnight in a hotel with a pool the size of a postage stamp. That said, I resolved to take my kettlebell and I did get in a KB workout on Saturday night while my wife went visiting with her girlfriends. I was so out of gas by the time Sunday night came around that I took an extra day off which I am sure I will regret at some point! Maybe, it is possible I needed the rest given that I am not scheduling rest weeks. Anyway, it was an enjoyable weekend and my workout schedule looked like this:

47 – Friday Rest
48 – Kettlebell clean and press with swings 5×5
49 – Sunday Rest
50 – Double workout including WOD Century Club (Pullups, Squats, vsnps, box jumps)
51 – Bootcamp Bodyweight (details to follow)
52 – Today, hopefully a day of rest!