R8D12&13 – The Plateau Is Over.Bootcamp Day 2

I admit for the last 6 months I have been coasting weight wise. I got into a plateau and watched my weight creep slowly in the wrong direction. I was in the biggest loser at work, I won and was at 232 for the final weigh in. I stayed there for a few weeks, and then slowly crept back up to 240. Since I have been back coaching and now teaching the bootcamp at gym I have managed (0ver the last 3 weeks) to get my weight back down to 232. This is a major achievement for me, being able to recognize a plateau and ride it out. Very often, fitness and weightloss are games of patience and persistence not necessarily who can eat the least or exercise the most. I seem to have found a balance again which is enabling me to lose and I know at this point my body has recovered from the shock of the 60lb loss and is once again reset and ready to go. I am hopeful that this means I will hit my goal weight of 220 by year end, but first I have to hit 230 by October 1.

Baby steps, as always.

Monday I took the day off from exercise, and I think I will have to do that with Mondays and Fridays due to coaching. The great thing is that I am happy to join in with the conditioning they do, I think it motivates them a little also to see me working not just sitting around shouting! 🙂
Tuesday I decided to do Shoulders and Arms with Tony and had a pretty good workout outside on the deck in the sunshine. The rings are making for some sore triceps doing dips but the change is welcome. I find shoulders and arms a pretty good workout, it’s extremely scaleable and substitutions work fine. I have said before that the tricep work leaves a lot to be desired so having the rings and a dip station is key for me.

Wednesday was day 2 of the bootcamp class at gym and I scheduled the list below. The participants said that last time they were sore but they all came back. It seems that the work load was almost right the first time out. We had a new participant this week in addition to the 4 from last time. The room once again was very hot but I think we can get the warmup done and one set of exercises and get out by half way through so that the rest of the class out in the gym is OK. As you can see from the list, there was a lot of work and the last 3 rounds were done very quickly with little rest. That is exactly how I imagined it would go, so the crescendo is the final set. I think they are having fun, I know it is a challenge, I know it is filled with tough skills they may not imagine themselves doing but I think we are all going to see some amazing changes in the coming weeks.

You Vs. You week 2 – The Whole 9

Tony’s Warmup and Stretch Top to Bottom

Jog, knees, heels, jacks, run lunge
neck, shoulder burn, cross palm front, cross grip back, reachers
ham middle, ham side, runner, twist
pumps prep for hindu pushup

Cardio warmup

Tabata 4 minutes per move
jump rope, Jacks, squat kicks

Arms round 1 10×3

Military pushups
Shoulder pushups
Hindu Pushups

Abs 10×2

Superman banana
Attack in squat
Butt lifts to shoulder

Mobility 1 x3

5 x Pushup to table – side or through
5 per side x Turkish Get Ups
5 x Pancake burpees

Plyo 10×3
squat jumps 3 with tuck jump 1
Single leg squat to jump knee lift
Frog jumps

Legs 10×3
Air squats
Super skater elbow to knee
arms up lunge walk


plank elbows to hands hold 15 or plank hold 60
squat shoulder burn
hip flexor burners