R8D61/3 – It’s All About The Fun From Here.

After my bout with a sick stomach and my Firstbeat Athlete telling me I am a slacker I am proud to report that after today I will have participated in 10 of the last 11 days. I have a busy weekend coming that will mean some heavy Kettlebell work which should put me in a great position for the start of Bootcamp Doubles next week. I also noted that Courage Wolf at left is correct, I don’t even want to have to say I will drop that last 10 lbs on Jan 1st, I want to be done with the goal I set! It’s kind of like buying Christmas presents… Why wait until the last second to get it done when you can start 30 days early and coast across the line basking in your own little pool of glory!

Christmas of course is diet season for most. Not diet in the healthy lifestyle type way either, it’s the time of year for overindulgence followed by guilt fasting. It’s funny how if someone offered you a plate of blondies and a pie or two in the summer out on the patio while you are in your bikini / shorts you would turn your head away but since it’s snowy and cold and nobody can see your muffin top you are fine with it. Do yourself a favour and just remember that while nobody can see is when you can set them up for the big surprise come the spring. I don’t know why, I always seemed to be better at staying on track and getting results during the winter months. Maybe it was a throwback to my university days, starting in September it was a non stop war on your body until Christmas with the rugby season and then after the Christmas break it was time for intramural sports and teaching aerobics. Summer always seemed like time off to me back then, maybe that’s what affected me. Either way, winter for me was a cake walk, for most others it seems to be a cake fest…

Disturbing quote of the day: “How much more do I have left?”. Got me thinking about the long loooong road ahead. It’s nice that I have come so far, and to know I am on the right road, going in the right direction, but it’s a lifelong journey so I say don’t sweat it. It’s time to switch from the goal oriented, pressure cooker situation of weight loss and base fitness development and time to move into the sheer enjoyment and exhilaration of being in shape, doing sports or workouts you enjoy and using your body for the fun things in life not just as a vehicle to make you feel better about yourself. I see people falling off the wagon all around me and it used to bother me, to stress me out thinking I was next and that always marked the beginning of the slippery slope for me. No more, I can handle it now, it’s not part of my lifestyle any more to worry about my food.

Food is fuel, not love, not companionship, not reward.

The winds of change are blowing. It’s time for floor and beam routines for the gymnastics girls, time to get down to the real work of being a competitive gymnast and for me, to crack down on the slacking and get some results. Also it’s bootcamp doubles for me and a fundamental shift in my workout philosophy starting with my participation in P90X2 once I get my hands on it as an indication not of my need to stick to a planned system, but allowing myself to do something I know I am going to enjoy.

It’s all about the fun from here.

As a matter of record, I did olympic lifting practice on Thursday after bootcamp Wednesday and for Friday I did a 6k run even though I hate running with a passion. Maybe that can be my new year’s resolution in place of weight loss. Give up on trying to make myself enjoy running. It’s stupid, boring, pointless and I hate it and I am just not going to do it any more.