7 Days Work Plus 12 Hour Shifts = Cranky Caveman

Working 12 hours shifts is nothing i am familiar with nor something I would like to get used to but for the upgrade to our systems this past weekend that was exactly what I had to do. That meant that after my Olympic lifting session on Friday that I had to improvise and do an RKC workout with 20 floors of stairs and 20 minutes on an elliptical. It also meant a wicked arms only workout on Sunday pyramiding from 15lbs all the way to 45lb dumbbells and back down for curls and tricep extensions. It’s now Monday and I have to teach bootcamp tonight which I think will be bodyweight and of course 2 hours of coaching after that.

I’m tired, I am a little frustrated with my weight and I think I am going to try and reduce my carbs a little to see if I can shift a few more pounds. I mean I am not even thinking about my carb load any more and I just calculated an average day when I coach and I was amazed to see the basic elements stack up like this:

Calories 3,099
Fat g 122.7
Carbs g 310.5
Protein g 193.7
The interesting thing is that 210g of those carbs came from bananas and coconut water.
no more bananas for me, and I am going to closely monitor my fruit intake and replace the nuts I shunned a few weeks ago. The goal is to shift my profile from carbs to fat with the same amount of protein and see what happens. My inkling is that I will start to see some weightloss again since my biggest losses came with a HFLC diet when I started Paleo.