R9D30 – Phase 2 – I Messed Up Already (but at least I’m not curling detergent)

So I was supposed to do Chest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab Ripper this weekend as a start to Phase 2 but somehow I got confused and did X2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab Ripper instead. I am not sure where the confusion came from but it is what it is, I need to do a Plyocide workout then do CBB and I will be back on track. It’s bootcamp tonight and probably rest day tomorrow, Wed is bootcamp again and then hopefully Ply on Thursday.

But I’ve been thinking.

I’m not as tired as I should be, I am getting an unsettling feeling that I need to do an extra day per week working out so I think I will do plyo tomorrow between the bootcamps. For a few weeks not I have been taking Tuesdays off but I think it’s about time I picked up that day and did something with it since I tend to take Friday or a weekend day off too (which is inexplicable!). Whatever it is I am consistently having the feeling that I am not pushing hard enough regardless of the fact my back has been sore for a week now. But maybe that’s why… The fewer workouts are working against me.

I’m working my way through Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade, it seems like an interesting read about old school calisthenics and bodyweight conditioning. I will report more once I have read more. It’s in line with my current philosophy that you should be able to train yourself without weights and without a gym using only your imagination and your body weight. Even such extreme things as one arm handstands or handstand pushups should be in the realm of the ordinary athlete if they are training appropriately, but how many people do you know who can do a handstand at all never mind a handstand pushup…

I see so many ridiculous “home workout” clips on line with people using soup cans and detergent bottles as a substitute for the gym weights, it’s just an incorrect interpretation of a flawed approach. I guess teaching proper pushup technique, pullups and squats isn’t sexy enough to make the papers. All those other videos just serve to make the “trainer” look like a fool. Seriously, bodyweight training is a proven, ages old method of developing the human body to perform as it was designed, and I can’t say I can imagine any caveman picking up a couple of rocks to do bent over tricep kickbacks. The whole fitness industry is as flawed as the diet industry, people are lost and confused and I think it’s time to exit the ride and get back to solid ground. Much like we did in the 80’s after the aerobics craze died out and people started going back to weight bearing exercise I think it’s time to get serious again and revisit our past. It’s in line with the nutritional approach of the paleo lifestyle, simplify and get better, faster and more useful results.