Gym90 Day1 – Splits. Kind of.

invincibleknightOK so starting out I thought I would take it easy. I did some splits or rather some “splits” work on leg day which was Wednesday and then yesterday I was supposed to do handstands work but my shoulder workout said otherwise. When I say splits, unfortunately my middle splits are so poor at the moment that I had to use an exercise ball to lean on rather than reaching the floor. I have  A LOT of work to do.

Coincidentally there was a guy doing muscle ups at the gym while I was there further motivating me. So today which is arms day and I am supposed to be doing handstand pushups which means still having to work on handstands so maybe missing yesterday wasn’t such a disaster. It’s 2 days since splits and I have a lot of discomfort in my groin. I was unable to stress my hip flexors to any degree since my hamstrings seem to want to steal the workload. Middle splits though, I thought I was going to snap something. I have estimated that I could probably almost reach from the wall to the first velcro line at gym. I will let you know when I improve enough to prove that.
I have a feeling that this gym90 is going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. I realize that I can’t hold a handstand at all and my cartwheel looks more like an accident than a gymnastics skill. Still, good thing I am not vaulting…

That said, I am at a strength to weight ratio that is for once in my favour for inversion skill so I am hoping that my handstand work, when I actually get around to doing it, will rapidly improve. My humourless co-coach Marija seems to find this all very amusing. I am determined to show her I am capable of almost average things… 🙂