Bootcamp Abs and Momentum!

angularmomentumLast Wednesday we did an abs workout for bootcamp, I was sore for days after since we really went after our weakness, the hip flexor. Once the Wednesday was done I had swimming with the toddlers on Thursday so decided to take that day off too. The problem with doing that is I end up with having to face 4 days in a row in order to hit my 6 day quota. Anyway, this week I did OK, for the rest of my 4 days I did an RKC workout at work including 100 pullups and sprints on the treadmill. The weekend I did a Tapout XT workout with the heavy bag despite still having a sore index finger from a blister last time. I also did a short but brutal Olympic lift workout with deadlifts, cleans, power shrugs and power cleans while the power was out at our house. Today is another bootcamp and then maybe, just maybe a day of rest on tuesday.

Here’s the abs bootcamp:

7.2.2 Abs / Cardio Abs

20 Pulse crunch
20 In and Out
20 straight leg toe touch alternate
20 Crunchy Frog
20 Side Crunch each side

5 burpee
5 burpee with 8 run
5 burpee with 8 run and 4 in and out

20 plank jacks
10 plank jacks with in and out
10 plank jacks with in and out and knee cross
10 in and out crunches knees to elbows
10 vsnaps

5 burpee
5 burpee with pushup
5 burpee with pushup and tuck jump

20 standing Knee raise to side
20 alternating high kicks
20 lunge to knee cross to elbow alternate
20 each hip flexor burner (knee, ext, lift)
20 side ITB lift each
20 sitting flex leg cross and back


Falling Tower hold 5x10s
Roll to boat hold 5s
Side plank hold 10s alternate
10 spider each side
10 vsnap / pushup roll