R7D77/80 – Being Sick Sucks

It’ s my own fault, not taking care of the way I was cooking the meat, I made myself sick Monday night and spent all day Tuesday in bed.

Happily I had done a tricep blast with the kids at gym on Monday and I can do a plyo workout with them today BUT this week was supposed to be the big challenge week / final rest week and looking at the schedule I think it may qualify as the rest week alone. What I might do then is convert next week into a week of tests and challenges and then starting Labour Day get back into the hybrid for a second time.

As always, having a flexible plan is good, as long as you can stay a week ahead of yourself. being flexible doesn’t mean giving yourself permission to slack of or sub something easier just because you are a little tired, it means changing your plan according to your external influences to keep your total work load as high as it needs to be for the week. For me, this was supposed to be rest week but I complained about ending with a rest week on a couple of occasions and since I have a “spare” week next week maybe I can put it to good use.

I have a fit test from P90X, Insanity and Insanity:Asylum I can do. I have a crossfit total I can post for a baseline. I have a 1k or 5k run that I could pull off some time and looking back at my “achievements” post a while back, maybe getting weights and times for all those would be a good idea.

Here’s what I said in my last goals post:

I need to work on some personal bests for the following:

1km run
Shoulder Press
Barbell Clean
Clean and Press
Weighted pushups
All the Fit Tests – P90X, Insanity, Insanity:Asylum
Crossfit WODs such as Angie, Fran etc.

At the same time, I had previously posted this which was the catalyst for my planning, however there are things here I am not willing to try again such as heavy squats, I spent a lot of my life doing them and with my back history, I don’t need to go back there again…

These are some of my CrossFit PRs

Baseline: 3:58
Fran: 7:18 (totally lame)
Jackie: 7:25
Back Squat: 235#
Strict Press: 115#
Deadlift: 315#
CrossFit Total 655#
Max Pushups: 40
Max Unbroken Muscles Ups: 5
Max Overhead Squat: 125#
Max Clean and Jerk: 160#
2K Row: 7:35

I probably should apologize to him for nicking his stuff but I need a little something to concentrate on and getting these numbers for myself is something I would like to do. Also, I think that his site may be a good read, certainly his “start here” page states some of the reasons I am frustrated with the medical profession.

So here are the descriptions of what those numbers mean:

21 Thrusters 95lbs
21 Pull Ups
15 Thrusters 95lbs
15 Pull Ups
9 Thrusters 95lbs
9 Pull Ups

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Back Squat – The basic regular squat we all love to hate
Strict Press – Shoulder press, from standing, front of shoulder (I prefer back of shoulder, but my body is weird).
Deadlift – I’m going to assume everyone knows this. Lift the bar from the floor until you are upright. Keep back discs intact!
Crossfit Total – Simply add the totals from the previous 3 lifts (with each attempted 3 times for max)
Max Pushups – Unbroken push ups, no rest, full range of motion
Max Unbroken Muscle Ups – Again, no stopping to max
Max Overhead Squat – 1 rep max for overhead squat, just regular squat with weight extended overhead
Max Clean and Jerk – Probably the most misrepresented, misunderstood and challenging lift of all.
2K Row – Get on a rowing machine and go until your lungs explode!


So I will work on a plan and post it later.