R8D23/4 – The Upswing. Does This Blog Make My Butt Look 28% Better?

Interesting that it has taken a lawsuit filed by the FTC for people to wake up and realize that Reebok lied their asses off about their stupid Easy Tone butt lift shoes. The commercial was certainly enticing but did people seriously think this was little more than an elaborate hoax? I have been asked about these things by several people and probably my facepalm gave away my thoughts before I spoke. I just hope that this will lead to a massive crack down on these late night infomercials that claim all kinds of ridiculous health benefits from useless equipment, pills and even clothing! I am not sure if refined carbohydrates lead to a diminished degree of common sense but it certainly seems that way!

Tuesday I decided to do my kettlebell workout but instead of sticking with the RKC ladders I branched out and took some pieces of the AOS Providence DVD and mixed in some pullups. It was a bit of a mashup but went something like this:

30 seconds each:
2 handed swings
1 hand right
1 hand left
1 handed release switch
20 pullups mixed in

5 cleans right
5 cleans left
4 cleans right
4 cleans left
3 cleans right
3 cleans left
5 cleans right
5 cleans left
singles 30s
20 pullups mixed in

30 seconds each:
squat right hand hold
squat left hand hold
overhead squat left and right

Clean and press 54321 each side with pullups

Swing with flip into squat – 2 minutes

3 min non stop snatches 5 each side

Took a little over 20 minutes and was a good alternate to my usual KB workout.

Wednesday was boot camp day and I decided on an Insanity themed cardio night. It went over well, there was plenty to do, and most people didn’t manage to complete every move. The variety was about right, and the pace seemed to work well since we were able to get into the gym for the whole class. Here’s what went down:

Week 4 – “Anything for 30 seconds”

Warmup – Cardio Blast

3 sets:
3 sets:
log jump 3+1
lunge switch
power jacks


Chest and arms cardio
Pushup jacks
Simple burpee
ski abs
Step out pushup

Level 1 insanity
2 pushup, 4 run, 2 in and out
4 pushup 8 run 4 in and out
8 pushup 16 run 8 in and out

Basic Plyo
x2 60s
Frog jumps
hit the floor
suicide 3 step
horse stance 4 pulse 4 jump

Bonus Round

Basketball shoot both sides
baseball throw both sides
jab cross
jab cross hook uppercut