Level 3 Coaching Course – Day 1

Day 1 – Intro and basics from Level 2 (Including the fact there isn’t a level 2 any more)

The system is changing, they are doing away with the 3 levels that are currently split between the MAG and WAG disciplines and making a new NCCP system on 6 levels as follows:

The NCCP for Gymnastics will Certify Coaches on 6 Levels:

  • Gymnastics Foundations
  • Level 2 – Competition Introduction (Beginning Competitive Gymnastics)
  • Level 2+ – Competition Introduction Advanced (Provincial Competitive Gymnastics)
  • Level 3 – Competition Development (Provincial/National Gymnastics)
  • Level 4 – Competition Development Advanced (High Performance Gymnastics)
  • Master Coach – Competition High Performance

This wasn’t quite how it sounded when we were told about the change but whatever, the upshot is we need to do our 3 requirements (theory, practical, technical) ASAP so we don’t get caught up in the new system.

As for the course, it’s a MAG based course with a one day WAG add on which is the opposite of how it’s usually done up at CAC with the single day being a MAG day and the rest being WAG. It’s going to be interesting getting so much exposure to MAG since it’s something I know practically nothing about.

We didn’t have any demo kids until the afternoon so we got rid of all the paper based stuff in the morning. This included the understand teach model whereby you can break a skill up into component parts and isolate conditioning for each part and then shaping and teaching for the progressions. Knowing how to do this is critical to understanding how to effectively coach complex skills not so much for the coach but to emphasis to the athlete that skills all have basic components that when mastered will fit together and make the complex skill easier. After lunch went straight into the basics of spotting tumbling with the near hand and far hand and both sides being heavily emphasized. Unfortunately I managed to put out my back this morning so I have a cane to walk with and a chip on my shoulder… We did some standing back tuck spotting, lots of back handspring multiples and combinations with tuck and layout. We talked a little bit about bailouts and falls which I think we need to revisit now that the kids are doing some advanced skills. Maybe adding rolls and break falls to the warmup for each event will prevent so much trepidation about falling on new skills. We did some front tumbling also, covering the sandwich spot and the near hand lead spot with the reach through catch and land at the end, there are so many variations to the spots and Bill isn’t worried so much about doing a certain type but rather that the kids are supported and feel safe.

We ended the day with discussions surrounding biomechanics and physical preparation / conditioning. Some discussions around the centre of mass and balance basics were included. It too lie an hour to drive home so I could finally get to the inversion table, get some medication and a heating pad.




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