The New Year

12440370_10153820624276917_8222678269974682148_oIt’s time for change, whether it’ actually warranted or not the new year is a great placeholder for starting new. This  year I made a decision that I would help as many people as I could to get towards their goals. Of course I still need to look after my own interests and so far that has gone not so well. We were away for Christmas which meant that I took 9 of 12 days off the gym, a rest period that I am sure I needed but was incredibly painful for me psychologically. Since then I have started back at the gym doing the same program I was before we left but starting to formulate another method in my mind moving forward. Going to the gym has been great, there is a lot of equipment and weights to use but it’s still just a gym with static movements and a less than dynamic approach. What I need to incorporate into my gym workouts is days of dynamic movements, going back to the days of the cleans, snatch, clean and press that now seem so far away.

With that in mind I decided to commit to refinishing the basement floor in my gym. The problem was with the thin foam tiles that they were bubbling and moving when I did cardio, even back to the P90X days they were never the greatest surface to work out on. So when I found taekwondo tiles on sale at fitness avenue I decided it was time to pull the trigger. I was off work for a few days and took advantage of the time to completely refinish and rearrange the basement into the picture of beauty you see above.

I am hoping this will encourage me to give at least one day a week back to the functional movements that worked so well for me in the past. I find that I am getting a bit too comfortable in the gym and that the days of HIIT seem to be far in my past. I am thinking that some kettlebell work wouldn’t go amiss either since that is the one thing guaranteed to get my heart pounding.

So for now I am still formulating a plan but while I do I am sticking to the 6 day split of chest / back / legs / shoulders / arms / accessory and cardio.

Happy New Year everyone and if you think you could use a second pair of eyes on your own schedule and diet feel free to ask…

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