National Coaches Week Reason #3

evo#3 Sarah Smith and Evolution Gymnastics Aurora

Fall of 2010 I walked into EGA for the first time not knowing if I would ever coach gymnastics again. I was happy to do some strength and conditioning for both adults and the kids and kept hoping that I would one day be able to coach competitive athletes again. I realized during that time that gymnastics as a sport had taken ownership of my heart and that coaching was something I was meant to do. Sarah Smith and Bruce Smith took me in and made me feel part of something truly special, a growing, close knit club of people committed to the athletes and their success. They took a chance on me and I will be forever grateful for that. By February of 2011 I was handed a group of young ladies that changed my life. Dasha, Elissa, Emma, Kelci,Liza and Maddison survived that first season with the kind of commitment and work you expect from champions. Words can’t express how proud I was to coach them, or how happy I was to coach alongside them these last years.

They are my girls, they are my athletes and they are my friends.

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