The Last 5 Pounds – 50lbs Down. Almost There.

i-m-almost-there-so-i-can-t-keep-calmSo I am very fortunate to be in this situation. This cut has been the most successful cut I have ever done, I am actually within a cat’s whisker of being my final goal weight which is 100kg or 220lbs. It’s also a little bit awkward because since my “diets” haven’t ever managed to get me this close I am not sure what comes next. What I do know is that back in 2011 when the updated picture you see on the right was taken I was 232lbs. From that point I managed to maintain within 5lbs of that weight until I started having back issues that eventually led to my second back sugery in April of 2103. That caused a precipitous weight gain until August when I was recorded at 252 and then September of 2014 when I was back up at 274lbs, a gain of 42lbs after surgery. Granted back surgery is nothing to sneeze at but I was still fairly active right after and the weight gain was a result of poor portion control as my mind took on the focus of rehab without paying attention to the weight. If you look at some of my entries from late 2014 when the weight was piling on you will notice a couple of things…

I whine a lot when I am heavy. This entry complains about how I can’t coach myself and how it’s just too hard to push yourself. Bull.
This entry teaches me not to eat an entire carrot cake even though I make the best carrot cake in the world.
This entry taught me that handstands are a great idea to train when you are not obese. And that quitting a Crossfit gym and bailing on my most recent round of workouts was a sign that things were falling apart.
Finally this entry indicated that although it was really haphazard, the 30WOD system I did was the kickstart I needed. Plus Biggest Loser at work helped too.

The point here is that the whole time I was gaining weight I was working out, I did not have the intensity required to offset the calories I was eating but at no time during that summer of 2014 did I indicate that I was counting, measuring or even GUESSING at how many calories I was taking in. As we all know the basis for weightloss is burn more than you eat and unless you have medication that offsets some of this then this is a simple thermodynamic law that you can’t get around. It’s PHYSICS, BABY!!

So the question becomes what I am going to do next. Precluding the fact I hope not to have another back surgery there is no reason I can’t maintain this weight. What I do need to understand is that because I am no longer the 260+lbs Simon, I can no longer eat like that person unless I want to be back there again. I need to understand that the new person has different portion and dietetic requirements than the other guy. That’s the hard part.

My physical life is fairly balanced, I am not in the gym so long each day it’s unattainable for the average person. My workouts now last about 40 minutes every day with a 6 day rotation based on how I am feeling. Cardio is done as part of HIIT meaning I don’t treadmill, I relentlessly lift to get my heart working and it’s super effective!

I am very excited at the moment, this is all quite new for me, the last time I was this weight was more a result of massive work rate and not really something I had done on purpose as part of a cut cycle. Now I think I have a handle on the balance I need it will be interesting to see what happens.




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