Stuff I Noticed. Stuff I Want To Do.

wolf goalsWhat changes have I noticed? Given today my weight was 224.0 which means that today I celebrate a 50lb loss here are some things of which I have taken particular notice:

I have veins everywhere. Calves, shins, thighs, arms, shoulders. I haven’t seen any across the chest yet but I am sure they are there.
I don’t have to decide if my pants go over or under my fat roll. That’s a weird feeling.
Getting off the couch or the floor no longer requires momentum to get me going.
My waist, which I swore would never get below 42″ again is now 36″. That’s human sized!
The pants in the basement that I bought in Australia 12 years ago as motivation now fit. Ironically the elastic has failed while waiting.
Seeing the muscle move when you work it actually helps. Now I understand why lean people look in the mirror when they lift.
Some days I still feel fat and still think I need to lose more weight. Those days I rely on numbers to tell me the truth not feelings.
“Dad Bod” is a lie perpetuated by lazy people who want you to tell them it’s OK to give up. It’s not OK. It’s never OK to use your kids as an excuse either.

As far as things I would like to do now, there is a short list to start but since I have managed what I once thought impossible it’s time to see if I can apply that to my fitness.

Handstands. I mean at least a 2 second hold.
Handstand pushup
Cartwheel and roundoff. I used to be able to do roundoff back tuck (self-taught) at University. The back tuck can wait.
Bar and ring muscle up.
Straight bar kip (if only to sympathise with the kids who can’t get it)
Front and Back lever
Human flag

This may take a while, and I will report back just how far away I am from doing any of these but it’s good to have goals.

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