Keeping Up With The Kids hard…

Last week for gymnastics conditioning we completed a second legs and abs workout and a step aerobics like class for cardio involving blocks and lots and lots of jumping. The cardio day was basically a copy of THIS DAY but the legs and abs work was a little tougher. It was labelled as Legs And Abs Millennium Edition.

Here’s what went down.

Legs and Abs Millennium Edition

5 round of 200 reps:

10 squats
10 pop squats
10 tuck jumps
10 front lunge left
10 front lunge right

10 crunch
10 side crunch left
10 side crunch right
10 vsnaps
10 crunchy frog

10 super skater left
10 super skater right
10 squat knee raise left
10 squat knee raise right
10 back lunge left
10 back lunge right
10 single calf raise left
10 single calf raise right
10 side lunge left
10 side lunge right

Plus 90s shoulder burn

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