R14D72 – Planning Time

failing to planThis round has been a little less structured than I would have liked, at times i have felt like I was just barely hanging on to the schedule by my fingers. I know what the theory is behind what I am doing but the amount of flexibility has made it seem chaotic. After the 30WOD round I thought I would welcome a bit of leeway but as it happens it appears as though I have been rotating workouts like this:

Chest / bench day 150-200 reps up to 315lbs
Squats day 120-150 reps up to 275lbs
Cleans and pullups 200+ reps total up to 185lbs
Deadlifts and pullups 200 reps total up to 225lbs
Cardio walk/jog 40 min
Shoulder day usually strict press and kettlebells with press up to 225lbs

I am torn if I really want to try and up these weights, they are painful to look at when written like that but then again I have limitations I need to consider. As far as how I feel physically at these weights I can report that my knees are a little sore if I am not super careful about my foot positioning but the depth of Olympic squats is not bothering me. Deads are fine, my back seems to be able to handle the load OK and the pullups are improving. I feel a slight lack or inability to maintain good form with my cleans, on sets of 10+ I have a tendency to get loose at the bottom. With sets of 7 or so I am fine, just the last few that go sideways. Benching is what it is, my wrists are sore most days I am sure it’s more the cleans and KB work that is to blame for that since my suicide grip is not an issue for bench. Lately I feel like I have been struggling a bit with my higher bench, I can’t remember the last time I repped over 315 and I would like to keep my working weight at 365 for my top 3 rep sets. I have had a slight tenderness in my back this week probably due to the KB swings I did with the squats but that’s what I get for mixing days…

So the question is what do I want to do with my next round, I am only 18 days out so it’s time to start planning. I have been thinking of subbing my cardio days with bootcamp days instead, I know last time I got down to 230lbs it was while I was teaching bootcamp and I can’t ignore the fact my cardio is sadly lacking. I may try to work a 3 on 1 off schedule but I know every time I try to strictly schedule my workouts that way I feel claustrophobic and end up freestyling the thing anyway. I guess I am more of a do what you feel like person than a do what you have scheduled. I just know with working and coaching that there are days I just don’t have the gas in the tank and I need to take those days off. There are also times when I feel like doing a 6th 7th or 8th day in a row, it’s just what I feel like at the time and so far it has worked OK. I just can’t think of anything worse than sitting not working out because of my schedule when I am itching to do something.



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